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Friday 10th - Sunday 12th February 2023

Trade Space Information

   and download form

All trade site fees to be paid in advance, with all forms filled in and insurance policy attached

and sent in prior to the show.

Priority shall be given to local traders and past trade sites. The Trade Policy is at the discretion of the Executive Committee and shall be assessed and amended as required by them.

         Please abide by the NSW Single-use plastic regulations


Rates             Outside Area, space – 6m x 6m - $80.00 per day,  More than 6m - $6 per metre or as worked out by committee.

                        Larger Sites, individually assessed (3 days of show). 


Food Stalls   Waste removal fee, $15 per bin, estimated by committee depending on food Stall type.

                          Lots of waste more bins, eg Pizza Boxes compared to coffee Cups, compared to ice-cream sticks.


Electricity     Standard connection per day - $15.00 per lead.  Please Note – The Society cannot guarantee more than one power

                          point per Stand. Usage must be strictly limited. 2 leads to one power point is $30 a day.


Gate Pass     Each stand will be issued with one free gate pass, all other workers must pay At the gate to enter.


Insurance     All stall holders must have a $20 million Liability Cover and a copy of the policy attached.

                              For hobbyist stallholders, an administration fee of $20.00 is payable. Please see attached sheet.


Camping       All participants staying in caravans, horse floats, and trucks, using Show Ground facilities (hot showers, toilets,

                         etc.)must pay a camping fee of $20.00 per night.


Charities      We are a Charity also. All Charity sites are to be paid for as per our trade site Policy.


Raffle Stalls  Raffles can only be sold from your site, no walking around selling tickets. We walk around selling the show raffle

                          tickets and the organisations that do the car parking also has the right to walk around selling raffle tickets.


Food Stall     Numbers One of our main fundraisers is the Canteen /Bbq. The showman Guild also sells food and drinks. We will

                      limit all other food stalls to 2 selling the same product. Example 2 coffee vans.


Click on PDF to download application form, prohibited item list and information sheet

             Cobargo AP & H Society prohibited Item list


The following are restricted or prohibited items that are not permitted for sale or into the Showground. These items are subject to immediate confiscation.


  • Drug Related Goods (including Cocaine Kits, Bongs etc)

  • Explicit and Hardcore T-Shirts, DVD’s & Videos

  • Iridescent Hair Spray

  • Fake Cigarettes

  • Fireworks - Crackers

  • Fuel Type Fire Lighters (Zippo)

  • Horns and Trumpets

  • Knives (including Pen Knives) (excluding appropriately packaged kitchenware sets)

  • Laser Pointers, Laser pen lights and or Laser Toys

  • Metal and wooden Martial Art Nunchakas

  • Playing Cards (Nude or Lurid)

  • Pressure Pack Snow

  • Pressure Pack Fart Gas or silly string

  • Silly String

  • Stink Bombs

  • Bomb bags

  • Fire wallets

  • Bouncing Beans

  • Water Bombs

  • Electric Hands

  • Toy Guns are acceptable, however, the following are NOT:

    • Replica Guns

    • Ball Bearing Guns

    • Eight Shot Caps

    • Pellet Guns & Pop Downs (Throw Downs)

    • Potato Guns (Bullet Type)

    • Roll Caps & Strip Caps

    • Water Pistols over 150mm (6”)

    • Gel Blaster Guns

Persons seeking entry to the showground are advised that:

  • They are entering a licensed area;

  • Alcoholic beverages must not be taken into or from the Showground and are subject to immediate confiscation;

  • Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter;

  • Intoxicated persons will be removed from the showground;

  • Checking procedures will apply to prevent persons possessing liquor from entering;

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