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Dairy Cattle program

This year will see the continuation of a combined program for the judging of the Jerseys, Holsteins and Illawarra. Please see the program for classes.

Dairy Cattle



  • Entries Close on Wednesday prior to the show. 

  • Entries $2.00 per head.

  • All Calves to be over 6 months.

  • All individual first prize winners are eligible for the Championship. Reserve Champion to include the runner-up to the Champion in its class. All Cattle will be ribboned immediately after they are judged. All ages to be on 1st January.

  • All Stock are to be registered.

  • Dairy Entries must have a National Cattle Health Declaration, Dairy DJD Declaration Form, BVDV Status, PIC to be included; all show cattle must have NLIS tags, NVD or TSS


Brimmer & Jim Salway Supreme Diry Cow- A & E Salway.jpg
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