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  • Entry Forms for the pavilion will be taken by the Secretary, for all sections from Monday 6th February until 5pm Friday 10th February 2023.

  • ENTRY Forms may be handed into the office or phoned, emailed to: or posted to PO Box 5255, Cobargo

  • Phone entries must be confirmed in writing, otherwise no responsibility taken for correctness. Entry Forms must have the address filled in.

  • No Entry fee will be charged for pavilion entries.

  • Entries must be in by 5pm Friday except for Below*

  • * ENTRIES for Flowers Arrangement- Class 1,2,3,4,5 will close Thursday at 5.00pm

  • * ENTRIES for Patchwork/ Applique & Quilting close Friday at 10am. Exhibits must be in by 1pm, as Judging commences at 3pm Friday.

  • * Exhibits for all Cheese classes must be in by 7pm Friday, judging commences at 8am Saturday.

  • EXHIBITORS may bring in exhibits from Monday prior to show but the Society does not accept any responsibility. All exhibits must be in the pavilion no later than 9:00am Saturday 11th February, except for Patchwork etc. as noted above *.

Exhibit = actual item being shown eg fruit, needlework

Entry = application to enter exhibit

     All exhibitors must complete an indemnity form before entry is accepted

Postal Address: PO Box 5255 Cobargo 2550

Phone show week: (02) 6493 6666

Prior to show week: 0417 456 354



  • A Junior is an exhibitor 17 years of age and under

  • A Novice is a person who has never won a First Prize with the type of exhibit he/she is staging in any Agricultural Society Show.

  • Exhibitors may sell exhibits outside the Pavilion after 4pm on the second day of the show.

  • Animal drug testing may be carried out at this show. Any competitor, exhibitor, owner found to have breeched the ASC Disputes and Disciplinary Regulations will be investigated by the ASC Disciplinary Committee and dealt with accordingly.

no exhibits to be removed from the pavilion UNTIL 3.30pm SUNDAY AFTERNOON. The pavilion will be closed at 3.00pm on Sunday, access allowed by stewards only. It will reopen at 3.30pm for collection of exhibits.

  • (If unable to collect please organize an alternative.)

  • All Pavilion & Cattle prize money must be collected within 30 days of the show. Money can be collected from the Treasurer’s window next to the show office.

You can save time and assist the secretary by making entries for the Pavilion Classes using this Entry Form. It will email to the secretary and you can then collect your Entry Labels when you place your items in the pavilion.

Secretary's Office Opening Hours - weeks prior to Show in February 2023
  • Wednesday 11th January 9 am - 12pm
  • Thursday 19th, 26th Jan & 2nd Feb 9 am - 3 pm
  • Monday 6th Feb - Wednesday 8th Feb 9 am- 3 pm
  • Thursday 9th Feb 9 am - 5 pm
  • Show Day Friday 10th Feb 7 am - 6 pm
  • Show Days Saturday & Sunday 7am - 4 pm

In an effort to reduce the congestion and parking problems on the Saturday morning for people wishing to make pavilion entries and to drop off exhibits, the Secretary's Office is increasing their opening hours. We would like all Non-Perishable pavilion entries to be delivered to the show ground between Monday & Friday prior to the show, and only deliver Perishable items like Cakes, fruit, Vegetables & Flowers on the Saturday morning.

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